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Take a walk down the local track through rural farmlands to Foster Beach where you can enjoy a spot of fishing or taking in the breathtaking views of Corner Inlet and Wilsons Promontory.

  • Wilsons Promontory: A pristine, captivating and beautiful national park, Wilsons Promontory (pictured left), boasts many glistening beaches, natural attractions and nature walks, and makes for  an unforgettable experience of natural Australian bushland at its best.

  • Agnes Falls: Agnes Falls is Victoria's largest single span waterfall and is situated in bushland with toilets and picnic facilities. 

  • Sandy Point Surf Beach: Sandy Point is a well-known surfing beach and small town, attracting beachgoers to its pristine white sands from far and wide in the summer.

  • Port Franklin: Port Franklin fishing village is only a 5 minute drive, where you can spend the day doing some fishing or buy some fresh fish at the port if luck isn't going your way.

  • Foster Town: Foster township, well known for its beautiful gardens and street scape. Enjoy the monthly Farmers Market, the local historical museum, or the renowned Foster Market over the warmer months.

  • Surrounding Townships: Fish Creek and Meeniyan are only 15 minutes drive from Woodland Mirth. Both of these towns offer great dining opportunities and have many artist inspired shops and galleries.

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